Happy Birthday, Mommy

Today is Mommy’s birthday! As we always do, we went to BB’s house to celebrate with the traditional birthday dinner of Chinese food followed by birthday cake and ice cream. The kids were so excited to celebrate Mommy’s special day, made even better because Uncle Lee came to dinner!

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1st day of school (2015-2016)

Today was the official first day of the 2015-2016 school year! Louisa is now a 2nd-grader and the twins, Myers and Graham, are both in Kindergarten. Here they are just as we were about to leave for school, all decked out in the outfits their grandmother gave them. Graham was especially excited about going to school. It’s all he’s talked about for days on end!

Last year, Myers had Mrs. E as his Pre-K teacher. As luck would have it, Mrs. E accepted a teaching position with Kindergarten this year, and Myers has her again! We could not be happier about this arrangement. We all love Mrs. E! Mrs. E’s teaching assistant is Mrs. T, and we’ve known her for many years. Rachel knew her when she taught at another school before Louisa was even born. And when I met Mrs. T again last year, while at a school event, she was really excited to learn that our kids were at that school.

IMG_2571 IMG_2569
Mrs. E + Mrs. T

While Myers was excited about going to school, he put on the brakes just as we arrived at the classroom door. He said, “Mama, I don’t want to go in there.” But Mrs. T noticed him and came out into the hall to greet him. She was so sweet with him and in no time flat, he followed her inside. I think Myers is going to have a great year with the Mrs. E & Mrs. T duo!

Graham has Mrs. A for Kindergarten. This is her second year of teaching and because she is young, she has a lot of energy, which she will need for keeping up with Graham! Her teaching assistant is Mrs. L, who has been assisting for many years. Both won Graham over when they let him pick the cubby he wanted and when they were able to identify the names of all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a favorite at our house. After meeting Graham’s teachers last week, he announced, “I have the best teacher EVER!” We sure hope so!

IMG_2568 IMG_2570
Ms. A + Mrs. L

IMG_2520 Louisa’s 2nd grade teacher is Mrs. N, a friend of a teacher that Rachel knows. (Hey, it’s always good to have connections!) We haven’t had a chance to talk Mrs. N much, but as Louisa says, she seems very kind. That goes a long way not only with us, but especially Louisa. Mrs. N, like Louisa, is an animal lover. And Louisa was pleasantly surprised today to learn that her school number for the classroom, #19, is the same as her number last year. Our deepest hope is that Louisa especially has a great year.

We have a tradition (so far, anyway) that the kids get picked up in the car rider line on the first day of school. I couldn’t wait to pick them up today to hear how their day went. All-in-all, they were all thrilled with their classes and their teachers, and especially to see their friends. To celebrate an awesome first day of school, I took the kids out for frozen yogurt.

Here’s to another great school year in 2015-2016!

Banana Man

Late last night before going to bed, I got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink. This is what I found on the counter — another Myers original! I’m going to pack it in his lunch tomorrow. Two can play this game!


Cappy the Clown & Baynard Ruins

I’m not gonna lie: clowns usually creep me out. But this clown, Cappy, is awesome!!! We first met Cappy when we vacationed at Hilton Head Island in 2011, when the boys were about 18 months old. We’ve been back every year since and the kids always beg to see Cappy. For a couple of years there, Louisa couldn’t pronounce her name, saying “Caffy” — too cute.

As always, Cappy was totally lovely this evening when we went to see her at Shelter Cove. It was starting to get dark out and Cappy was nearing the close of her evening. But she still took time with the kids and never made us feel like we were bothering her. Louisa was dying to get a minion painted on her face and while the end result looked a little more Sponge Bob than Minion, Louisa was thrilled with the result.

Graham was dying to go next and requested to look like a panther. Cappy must have been surprised by his request because she exclaimed, “But his face will just be black!” But as she started to apply the black paint with a sponge, she came up with the idea to add whiskers and touches of glitter. Perfect!

It took Myers a minute to warm up to Cappy, but she totally won him over and gave him the coolest Spiderman face ever. And she made a big deal over him and made him feel special. And even better, she asked me to photograph them together!

I was telling a friend about seeing Cappy again and she told me about how Cappy volunteered at Camp Chemo when she worked there and how awesome she is. Another reason to love this clown!

Earlier in the evening, before we saw Cappy, we went to the Baynard Ruins, located on Sea Pines. It was fascinating and nice to expose our children to a little piece of history while on vacation. You can read all about the ruins here: http://www.nationalregister.sc.gov/beaufort/S10817707056/index.htm.


With three kids, it was bound to happen at some point… lice, or as Myers likes to say, “bugs in the hair.” Louisa participated in a school play and the headpieces worn by the kids were all stored together in one bag by the teacher. One kid with lice spread it around to many other students. We caught it this morning as Rachel was helping Louisa to brush her hair. She consulted with me and we agreed that Louisa should stay home from school, and luckily, I had the day off. We didn’t want to alarm the boys, so as I drove the kids to school, I told them that Louisa had to go to the doctor and that’s why she wouldn’t be going to school. I took Louisa to the pharmacy and bought the kit to treat her hair, as well as spray to treat all of the furniture in our home, as well as the car seats and interiors of our cars.

Louisa had to wait 10 mins before I could rinse the lice shampoo from her hair

First thing, I wanted to tackle Louisa’s hair before it got any worse, so I spent the entire morning treating her hair. The shampoo part was easy — just apply to dry hair and wait for 10 minutes before rinsing it out. But the combing took forever. I had to go one small section at a time and it took two and a half hours, BUT Louisa only had three bugs total and only one extremely small patch of eggs (and even then, I’m not convinced it was eggs, but maybe just so flakes from dry scalp?). Rachel came home early from work to help with the task of disinfecting everything — blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, clothes, furniture, stuffed animals, mattresses, etc… anything and everything we could think of. I even went to the store and bought replacement pillows and hairbrushes.

We’re supposed to repeat Louisa’s hair treatment in ten days from now, just to be extra sure everything is gone. While I totally dread doing that, I will be glad to have all of this behind us!

Rainbow House

We recently learned that Louisa’s art, along with the art of nine other students, was chosen for display in a local art show. In typical Louisa fashion, she acted like the art show was no big deal. She talked about being happy that another kid, a friend, was picked for the show but seemed to not think much about the fact that she, too, was chosen. Of course, we made a big deal over it… we were and continue to be very proud of her!

None of us got to preview her work before the show, so it truly was a surprise. I managed to get away from work for a couple of hours to attend the opening reception and BB, Hank, and Uncle Lee all came, too (plus Mommy, Myers, and Graham, of course!). Louisa’s art teacher, Ms. D, was there to greet parents and kids. She was talking to me about Louisa’s work (see below) and mentioned to me that the title, which was missing from the card hanging next to her work, is “Rainbow House.” My reply: “Well, she does have two moms!” Ms. D’s face turned bright red and then she exclaimed, “Oh, that is just perfect, really perfect!”



I told Louisa I couldn’t wait to find a special place for her art in our house. BB said, “Hey, wait a minute…” As I told BB, sorry, but this art comes home! We all got to have unfermented grape juice and cheese lemonade and cookies before Louisa and I trotted off, just the two of us, to see and talk about some of the other art there. We saw some impressive stuff, no doubt, but Louisa’s Rainbow House is still my fave.


Last night, as I was doing dishes and tidying the kitchen, I noticed an opened bottle of Elmer’s glue sitting on the counter. The cap was completely off and there was glue dripping down the side. I thought uh-oh, what have these kids gotten into?!, so I looked around but found no evidence of any messes involving glue. Since the kids were already in bed, I couldn’t ask them why the glue was left open in the kitchen or what they were up to. I just threw the messy glue bottle away and dismissed the whole thing.


This morning, Myers couldn’t wait to show off his DIY skates, made from two wooden car bases/pieces and his old Crocs, which had been glued together. Louisa made sure to tell us it was her idea, but that she and Myers had worked on it together. Rachel and I were so surprised and impressed with their invention that we couldn’t even get mad. Check it out:

IMG_1705 IMG_1704